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Blood Secrets, Part 2 of 2, LingxEdward

Title: Blood Secrets, Part 2 (Part 1)
Rating: R
Type: Drama/Romance/Humor
Pairing: LingxEdward
Summary: A different take on chapter 51 of the manga, in which Ling and Edward are trapped in Gluttony’s stomach.

With his inner thighs squeezing Edward’s waist, tongue running impatiently over his own teeth, and backside swaying like a predatory wanting to play with its prey, there was silence.

It was broken a few seconds later when Ling cooed, “No backing out now.”


Edward gave him a shaky smile and said, “I was about to say the same to you.”

Ling’s nostrils flared with irritation at those words. They were fighting words. If Edward wanted to fight, then all the better. It excited him, riled him up and made him lust for romantic action of a different kind… The desire to slam his throbbing member inside Edward repeatedly, until he was broken and screaming for mercy, was suddenly intensified a million times over.

“You do realize that you’re on the bottom, don’t you?” Ling hissed at him as he shifted his front to grind against the other’s. “My little bitch.”
Moans of pleasure escaped both boys, their pants feeling tighter with each grind.

Edward swallowed thickly, “I’m not little, and I’m not your bitch.”

“Then why are you simply lying back and taking this?”

Growling, he bent forward just enough to allow a quick bite at Ling’s neck. While the prince yelped in pain, Edward made a fist with his automail hand and smashed it into the poorly guarded chest in front of him, causing a second gasp of pain. It was too much for Ling and his arms floundered for a moment before he tumbled backwards onto the cold slab of stone.

Edward scrambled into an upright position, perched on Ling’s thighs, and attacked him with a sloppy kiss. The kiss was filled with wet smacks, tongue wrestling, and saliva escaping from mouths, dribbling onto chins. Swears and sweet nothings mixed together in a confusing babble between them. Though it didn’t matter, most sentences cut off by groans half way through. He devoured the feelings; their contact sending electrical jolts of excitement to his hips and everything below them, the thrill of being on top adding to that.
It was something he couldn’t explain. All he knew was that he was above and Ling was below, struggling, in what Edward believed was a useless attempt, to break free. Sure, he had pinned people down in physical combat before. But this wasn’t physical combat, it was too pleasurable to be put in the same category. How his arms were secured around Ling, how pressed him to the ground… This was complete dominance. He was in control, nothing could stop- -

“Aha! Now don’t you dare make a move,” Ling commanded him. Somehow, during Edward’s smug inner musings, he had forgotten to keep his grip firm. This enabled Ling to wiggle upward and wrap his legs around his waist and push him down. He sat back on his haunches and slowly smoothed one finger over Edward’s belt.

“You wouldn’t…!” Edward paused, his mind and body filling with fresh horror as he watched. The silver belt buckle was quickly unfastened and Ling toyed with the button and zipper. “W-Wait! I don’t want you to touch me there-- Oohh!”

Edward was wrong, he did want to be touched there.

Having pushed the tight leather pants to about the middle of Edward’s thighs, Ling rubbed his hand over the bulge that had formed beneath the cotton boxers. Warm and hard in his hold, he used his thumb to stroke Edward and cause groans to escape him, they echoed loudly out into the darkness. Ling shoved the boxers to join the pants after a good two minutes of squeezing the tender flesh, exposing him to the open air. He took a moment to admire his handiwork; Edward’s erection stiff and eager for more, pre-cum dripping from the tip.

“Don’t stop,” Edward gasped. His hips fidgeted with impatience and he blinked up at Ling with hopeful eyes. “I want this…” He allowed his voice to trail off into a contented sigh when he felt himself being stripped of his boots, pants, and boxers. They were tossed to the side before Ling began to stroke him for a second time. He ran his fingers along Edward’s entire length, through the blonde curls of hair and pinching slightly whenever he reached the tip. This gave way to more pre-cum leaking out and glistening on Ling’s fingers in the dull light.

“How unfortunate for you,” Ling said after licking the sticky substance from his fingers. He smirked and began to undo the string that held up his own pants. “I get your virginity while you get to take it up the--”

“Fuck you!”

“Actually, I’m the one who’s going to fuck you.”

Scowling, Edward looked away. But his gaze was quickly drawn back as Ling slipped out of his pants and boxers, which were thrown to join the other clothes.
Edward’s scowl deepened. Ling was just as hard and erect as he was, the only difference being that he was, well, bigger. This wasn’t fair! How could he be taller and bigger? He was even a year younger than Edward, damn it!

Ling smiled, “Enjoying the view?” He distracted him by using both hands to roughly caress Edward’s length, enough to force him to whimper in pain and pleasure. He cried out, beginning to jerk his body against Ling’s hands. Intense heat was pooling at the base of his spine. He couldn’t control the erratic movements that shook his limbs and made his fingers and toes tremble. The heat and movements eventually became too much and he released; a satisfactory amount of white liquid squirting into Ling’s waiting hand.

Edward barely managed to keep his eyes open to watch while Ling slathered the cum onto himself, his erection now lubricated. Sighing, his head drooped back lazily to rest on the stone. The seemingly infinite nothingness around them was a shield. It protected them from the prying eyes of society that would declare their passion and lust a sinful act.
He was too exhausted to care that his legs were being spread, his entrance already stretched by two of Ling’s fingers. It was a feeling that was strange and intriguing at the same time.

“I don’t care if this hurts, I don’t care if you don’t enjoy it. What matters to me is that I’m enjoying it, and if I’m enjoying it, then nothing else matters,” Ling explained to him in a venomous tone. He moved his fingers away and steadied himself between the outspread legs.

With a quiet whine of protest, Edward opened his mouth to say something. The words caught in his throat, though, Ling having abruptly thrust into him. Apparently, previous stretching and the use of lubricant weren’t sufficient to hide the searing burn that shot through his lower half. He thought he was going to burst into flames from within. It hurt so terribly, a fresh round of tears streamed onto his cheeks after each thrust.

Ling, in opposite, was enveloped in the delicious tightness and warmth that surrounded his member. He slide in and out, going further each time. The cum had dried and become useless by his fourth push, giving them both a sensation of raw friction.
Superiority was the only thing on his mind, and it was made stronger each time he saw more tears.
The tears stopped just seconds later, replaced with a moan of delight. Ling had struck a part deep inside Edward that sent waves of ecstasy overwhelming him. It was just the right place where he needed to be touched. He discovered his arousal returning and twitched involuntarily. Pain could no longer be felt, forgotten when this new rush had assaulted his senses. He weakly wrapped his legs around Ling, drawing them closer. He parted his lips to speak.


Ling obeyed the command, his thrusts becoming faster while still managing reach that spot inside Edward that made him cry out. His voice cracked as it rose an octave higher than usual. A loud popping sound was heard when he arched himself upward, his back completely off the ground and his hips working in synch with Ling’s. Stray blonde bangs stuck to his sweaty forehead and his automail fingers grated on the stone floor. He was in a near-unshakable daze.
They continued until Ling released, breathing so heavily that it covered up the gasping sounds Edward was choking out.

“… I hate you, y-you son of a bitch,” Edward rasped. He slowly shut his legs and sat up once the prince had pulled out of him. His lower half was filled with aches and uncomfortable tingles, any preceding pleasure gone.

A laugh escaped Ling’s lips from where he laid beside Edward, and he said, “Look on the bright side…”


“You’re not a virgin anymore.”


All done! Please tell me what you think. :)

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