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23 EdWinry Drabbles

Title: 23 EdWinry drabbles, one sentence each.
Rating: G - R
Genre: Mixed
Summary: Winry's deep blue eyes were what lost Edward every time...


1.) Cinnamon

The cinnamon is Edward’s favorite part of an apple pie, because somehow he always found Winry licking it from his lips.

2.) Chaos
As if an alchemy freak or an automail geek didn’t create enough chaos on their own, imagine the two together as a couple.

3.) Technology
Edward believed that technology was a good thing, but then Winry pinched a nerve wire in his damaged automail and he screamed.

4.) Rumors
No one knew if the rumors about Edward taking Winry home for the night were true.

5.) Sacrifice
Sometimes Winry thought his sacrifice was too much.

6.) Reunion
When the Promised Day had passed, their reunion was beautiful, beginning with a kiss.

7.) Shield
Edward silently vowed to be her shield from the day he stepped in front of Scar.

8.) Happy Ending
People in fairytales weren’t the only ones who had happy endings, Edward and Winry were living proof.

9.) Windows
"I still flash a light through the windows at night," Winry told Granny, "just in case he decides to come home."

10.) Purpose
Cuddling had no purpose, which caused Edward to wonder why Winry continued doing it.

11.) Lost
Winry’s deep blue eyes were what lost Edward every time.

12.) Tea
Never did Edward protest to Winry’s demands during her pregnancy, even if that meant making her tea at two in the morning.

13.)  Inspiration
He was her secret inspiration to be the greatest automail mechanic in Amestris.

14.) Heart
A gasp escaped Edward as he touched Winry’s bare breast, the pulse of her heart racing beneath his palm.

15.) Sweet
Edward blushed when she said he was sweet, all he had done was pick her a few mangy daises, sheesh.

16.) Holiday
Once a year they take a holiday back to peaceful little Resembool, to be free of Rush Valley’s city life.

17.) Dry Your Tears
Edward shrugged off his coat and wrapped it around her trembling shoulders, whispering, "I’ll dry your tears."

18.) Relief
His automail had been shattered in a battle, relief sweeping through Winry to learn that he was otherwise uninjured.

19.) Begging
Edward was a complete sucker for Winry’s begging face.

20.) Can’t Deny It
"You can’t deny it any longer, Fullmetal," Roy chuckled, "everyone in Central knows you and Winry are a couple."

21.) Reaching
Reaching from its mother’s arms, the baby grabbed its father’s outstretched finger, and in that moment, Edward and Winry became parents

22.) Lyrics
With the guests cheering and the lyrics of their favorite song filling the garden, they shared their first dance as a married couple.

23.) Secret Art
While Edward kept his alchemy to himself, and Winry kept her mechanics to herself, there was one secret art that they expressed together, making love.


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