colonel_alqui (colonel_alqui) wrote,

The End

The light blinds me, as I was previously surrounded by the shadows of my transmutation circle.
And when my eyes adjust, I see them.
The Gate. The Truth.
My veins fill with ice, irises fading from gold to white.
I fall to my knees in an broken bow, and the voice of The Truth rings out above me,
"There is no alchemist here! Only a failure!"

I wince, my bare hands splay out before me with no symmetry between them, flesh and steel.
In my hunched position, I am forced to stare at the floor.
It’s glass, clear glass.
And my reflection has been replaced by another’s.
The Colonel, Izumi, Mei, Ling, Winry, anyone who I imagine; they stare at me, and I stare back.
Rippling, the glass beautifully mars each face and then lifts them from my gaze.

"No! They can’t be gone, they can’t leave me!"
A sudden metallic taste sears my mouth and prompts silence.
I raise my head, the grin of the universe before me in a wicked mockery of justice.
It laughs and I scream and the darkness looms.
The Gate splits, its doors open while I cling to an invisible thread of desperation - life.

Breathing has become too large a burden, oxygen ceasing to fill my lungs.
Tendrils form the wide Gate reach out to seize my moment of weakness.
They consume me to the very marrow of my soul.
Mental and physical horrors assail me, the restrained tears spilling out into the air, fluttering freely.
I understand now, everything is beginning to fade into the oblivion, my being included.

And I... I can feel it.

The beats slow.

My heart.



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